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Kentlands Events
Happy Hour
Friday, May 13th
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
@ The Kentlands Clubhouse
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Memorial Day Bash
Monday, May 30th
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
@ Clubhouse Lawn
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Community Yard Sale & Shred-It Event
Saturday, June 4th
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
@ Clubhouse Lawn &
the Community
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Social "
Havana Nights"
Saturday, June 25th
6:30 am - 8:30 pm
@ Kentlands Clubhouse
Upper Pool Deck
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Neighbors Can Lend a Hand, Whether They Know It or Not.
By: Barney Gorin, KCA President

Kentlands is, if not unique, unusual. We live close to each other. Many (most? all?) of us know our neighbors, our neighbors' dogs, our neighbors' cars. This can be a blessing with good neighbors or a curse with poor ones.

Good neighbors help each other. For example, a couple weeks ago, your Kentlands Citizens Assembly President was faced with a challenge: leaving early on a Tuesday for a week in North Carolina meant that no one would be home to bring the trash can in after it had been emptied.

Fortunately, said President had options to overcome this difficulty.

Option one was to look across the alley at Neighbor One's home to see if the car was there. It was not, but, had it been, an email saying "please throw my trash can over the fence this evening" would have sufficed. The car being missing may or may not have indicated an extended absence. The risk of the trash can remaining in the alley was too high.

Option two was to look across the alley at Neighbor Two's back yard to see if his trash can had already been put out. It was not, but, had it been, a quick text saying "is it ok to put my trash in your bin?" would have brought a certain "sure, why not?" response.

Option three was to look further down the alley at Neighbor Three's garage to see if his trash can was visible. It was! A quick walk, a quick trash deposit, and a quick email explaining the need both met the challenge and produced the expected result: "No problem….have a great trip."


Let's Play Shuffleboard! Or Throw Things! 
Well, Horseshoes
By: Barney Gorin, KCA President

The facilities surrounding the Kentlands Clubhouse extend beyond the obvious swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball court. They also include a shuffleboard court and a set of horseshoe pits that can provide a lot of fun for people who prefer their sports at a more stately pace, so to speak.

It appears, however, that not many of our friends and neighbors know that either or both of these facilities are there, because both have fallen into disuse. While kids sometimes play in the sand that fills the horseshoe pits, nobody has borrowed the horseshoes or shuffleboard gear in a long time. It's been so long since anyone played shuffleboard that the shuffleboard court now holds some picnic tables.

This disuse is not because the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA) can't provide the needed equipment. The horseshoes and shuffleboard gear are available in the Clubhouse.

As part of our preparation for the summer season, the KCA will refurbish this little used facility over the next few weeks. We'll move the two picnic tables a bit so that the shuffleboard facility will be usable, power wash it, and repaint the lines. The horseshoe pits, just barely visible in the background on the left of the photo are fine but we'll make sure they're in good shape and ready for folks to come out to play.

Come out and join the shuffleboard and horseshoe fun! Let's make good use of this fun little piece of the Kentlands Clubhouse's recreational facilities.

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