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January 2016 Issue

Updating Facilities Passes In 2016

It's never too early to get your paperwork in for the Annual renewal of Facilities Passes.  We will begin updating passes in late February/early March of 2016.  In order to expedite the process, please be sure that your HOA fees are current.  If you are leasing your home here in the Kentlands, we require a copy of your current lease.  If your lease has expired, and are leasing on a month to month basis, a completed Lease Verification Form is required.

Renters must provide either a valid lease or completed verification form in order to renew facilities passes in 2016.  Please note that all residents residing in a dwelling must be listed on the lease and corresponding verification.

Please forward leases and completed verification forms to Francine Lowenstein at

Also of note, all residents' children age 25 and older must provide a driver's license or current change of address card from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles, that reflects their Kentlands address.  No other form of residency verification will be accepted.

All leases and verifications will be forwarded to the City of Gaithersburg to assure compliance with the city's licensing requirement for all rental units.

Kentlands Events
Happy Hour
Friday, February 12th
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
@ The Kentlands Clubhouse
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Open House I
Thursday, February 18th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
@ The Kentlands Clubhouse
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One Bike Short of a Parking Garage

Well, not exactly, but there are three bicycles and two scooters that have been abandoned in the community and turned over to the park house, named Kentlands Clubhouse. We are unsure if individuals in the community are playing a real life game of Grand Theft Auto, but either way we would love to return the vehicles to their rightful owners as soon as possible to ensure we have room for new abandoned bikes and scooters. 

One of our recovery specialists suggested, "It may be a good idea for bike or scooter owners to mark their possessions with an address or phone number. It would definitely make the return process so much easier!"

Please stop by the Clubhouse during business hours to identify and claim your lost transportation. 

We would love to see you back on the road.

Always remember to secure your possessions with a lock!

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