Citizen''s Assembly


The Kentlands Citizens Assembly is governed by an elected Board of Trustees and a President.  Five trustees serve staggered two year terms and set policies for the Kentlands.   The Board functions as a legislative branch that adopts an annual budget, levies and collects assessments, appropriates funds, and takes other actions as permitted by governing documents.  

The President serves as a one-person executive branch.  Elected for a two-year term, the President  oversees the Assembly's management staff, implements Board initiatives, and administers the management and operation of the Assembly on a day-to-day basis.


 KCA Trustees

Christopher Campbell - Chair 
                                        - Vice Chair

Robert Randolph - Treasurer
Glen Palman - Secretary

Ty Hardaway - Trustee




Barney Gorin


How do Citizens communicate with the Board of Trustees?

Attend a Meeting

The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Kentlands Clubhouse Great Room.  Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings and voice concerns directly to the Board.  When entering the meeting room, please sign in at the table on the left.  If you wish to speak during Citizens' Forum, please list your name and topic on the flip chart at the front of the room.  The Board will listen to Citizens in the order they have signed in.

Write a Letter

If you do not wish to attend a meeting, please issue your concern in writing to General Manager, Kentlands Citizens Assembly, 485 Tschiffely Square Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878.

Call the Clubhouse

You may always contact the Clubhouse Staff, 301.948.4290, with your concerns and the Staff will be able to help direct you through the process.

KCA Board of Trustees Duties

The Kentlands Citizens Assembly Board of Trustees is the primary decision-making body of the Assembly. The Board is responsible for defending and insuring the continuing integrity and operation of community and advancing the missions and goals of Kentlands as set forth in the Preamble of this Community Charter. The Board is also charged with providing material and moral support for other Community-based organizations formed for the express purpose of providing for the social and cultural enrichment of the Community.

The Board establishes rules of conduct for the use, maintenance, and appearance of property in accordance with the Founding Documents and public law. The Board also provides oversight of the administration of the affairs of the Assembly, and advice and consent to actions of the President, takes actions on Titleholder's applications for proposed changes in use of property, issues permits for nonconforming uses of real property, establishes rules of procedure consistent with due process and individual rights for the manner in which cases of alleged violations of the Governing documents are processed, and serves as the final appeal authority for decisions of the Board of Code Compliance and the Kentlands Historical Trust.

The Board, as the Assembly's legislative body, may amend the Bylaws and enact Equity and Administrative Resolutions according to the procedures in the Governing Documents. The Board also adopts a budget, levies and collects assessments, appropriates funds, enacts General Resolutions and other motions and resolutions, and takes other actions as necessary in accordance with the powers enumerated in the Governing Documents.

The initial Board of Directors was appointed by the Developer with a provision for gradual transition of control. The first Citizen-elected Trustee became a member of the Board in 1992.




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